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A frenchman, a brazilian and two catalans meet at a bar, little later get drunk and that’s how the new made in Barcelona sensation of “french yé-yé punk” is born: a frontwoman and three nutters behind, all in love with the loudest sounds of rock’n’roll, freakbeat and garage.
European scene veterans, they’ve already performed in Les Mortettes, Els Trons, Thee Grandaddies, Flashback V, The 54321s, Missing Souls and The Cavemen Five… amongst other bands. Les Rencards have been produced by Mike Mariconda -that’s nothing- and feel eager to go wild on stage at Ye-Yé ’22 ¡Vive la fête!

1. – Ton ‘grand’ Problème
2. – Le Risque A ta Vie
3. – Me Torturer
4. – Loin
5. – Qui Est In, Qui Est Out
6. – Ton Rencard
7. – Ton Rencard (reprise)
8. – Homme Fatal
9. – Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi
10. – Moi, Ton Venin
11. – Martienne Sauvage