LISA BEAT AND THE LIARS: Dal Tramonto All’Alba 7″


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Dal Tramonto all'Alba (From Dawn to Dusk) - Lisa Beat e i Bugiardi

Since 2016 this band from Ancona is touring Italy with a setlist of classics from the Beat Sixties era. Now Lisa Beat and her Bugiardi is releasing a fun-filled 7″ containing two originals and one cover inspired by that sound: from the garage style à La Mark and The Mysterians (Dal Tramonto All’Alba) to the Soul infused, trumpet section driven (Inutile Piangere) and the primordial Mersey Beat (Little Latin Lupe Lu).
The artwork is by Max Galli, renowned author of comics influenced by the Mod 60s period.

1. Dal Tramonto all’Alba
2. Inutile Piangere
3. Little Latin Lupe Lu

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