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Welcome to the world of 90s Garage Punk, of GUNK PUNK as Eric Davidson might say!
This spanish combo released a breathtakin’ piece of wax in 1996, called “Abbey Roadkill”. Never thought they still exist, but here it is, a brand new rollercoaster ride that beamed be back about 15 – 20 years!
“Third album by these brutally punk & rocking band in their unique destroying sound purely Crypt style. Extremelly loud, trashy, punk, rock, rusted, cheesy, rotten and disturbing, the record has been mastered by Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands/ Devil Dogs) and includes liner notes by Tim Warren (Crypt Records). After releasing their first album on Crypt Records (NYC, USA) and second in Australia, Bang! Records is ashamed to release their long delayed and not demanded 3rd album on April 2012.
If you’re into Cryptical sounds, you’ll be as seduced by it as we are!”

A1 Fuma Intro
A2 Outta My Band
A3 Let’s Have A Celso
A4 Beat On The Bratto
A5 Hitler Was A Hobo
A6 Stumpo!
A7 Rocket Fuel
A8 Fat In Black
A9 Crackhouse Stomp

B1 Mongo Slop
B2 Don’t Wanna Go To School
B3 Junk Bob
B4 Gone Fishin’
B5 Big Bonner
B6 Hippies Suck!
B7 Do The Do
B8 Beer Gut
B9 Rattle My Snake