LOS CHICOS: 20 Years of Shakin’ Fat & Launching Shit by Medical Prescription 2xLP


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“…if garage rock is your meat, 20 Years of Shakin’ Fat & Launching Shit by Medical Prescription is your latest all-night buffet.” – Michael “Denim” Toland, Big Takeover Magazine

20 years of Los Chicos rock-piled in 23 pub rock, garage rock n’ roll shakers!!
What´s so funny about pub rock, greasy food & calimocho? Those reasons are the driving force behind Los Chicos, the kings of the party, and their goal is none other than fun, fun, fun!!! Pub Rock, Punk, Garage seasoned with a bit of Country, Soul, R&B ??? It doesn´t matter how you name it… it´s all about having fun, and enjoying stomach full of grilled pork ear and squid well watered with calimocho. That is what you will find on this album that you have in your hands. Long live Los Chicos!!! I wanna party with Los Chicos!!! – Juancho Lopez, Kurt Baker Combo

Spain is different and so are Los Chicos. Formed in Madrid by the biggest rock and roll fans who put the funniest, most charming “borracho del barrio” in front of the mic 20 years ago they quickly learned how to tune and play their instruments and transformed into a rambling mobile party machine that bought the sweatiest, greasiest, most carefree and fun rock and roll back to hands and feet and souls of the people. They injected a carajillo into the dying horse of R and R and brought it back to life again. And somehow managed to change the audience into the participants. Because they started out as fans then later became musicians, they made their crazy, rock and roll obsessed and often drunk fans the stars of the show, while the group channeled the crowd’s energy, played faster, sweated and jumped around more and drank harder and served it right back to them. Not an easy feat. – Mike Mariconda

Los Chicos have been together for 20 years now. They’ve built through sweat and parties a country-punk-rock-soul-garage-gospel extra tight machine full of Stiff’s pub fun madness that has blown out venues all over the world.
They have burned their fingertips on disc buckets looking for the Crypt records logo. They have left their cervicals headbanged in the front row of any garage-punk concert that has been thrown at them. And they have also taken the stage to celebrate that rock’n’roll bravo is a music and an attitude, yes, but it is also a way of understanding life and even a profane religion. They are Los Chicos, the blazon of Dionysian rock’n’roll, the survival of punk at the foot of the gambling den, the pride of our rock bar / rock winery (translate and adapt pub rock however you want). Rafa Suñén, the twins Gerardo and Antonio Urchaga, Guillermo Casanova and Ral García add seven albums and tours around the world spreading the word rock and also letting themselves be loved by country, gospel or soul. This new album explains why the group has been giving everything for 20 years, grinding everything. Because they still give it and everything is cool.
They have worked regularly with godfather of rauncho garage punk, Lord Mike Mariconda and shared stages with The Sonics, Radio Birdman, Roy Loney, Johnny Casino, Paul Collins, Southern Culture On The Skids, The New Christs, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Eddie & the Hot Rods, King Khan, Barrence Whitfield, Hi-Risers, Daddy Long Legs, and a lot of great bands. All of them are since then great fans and friends of the band. If so many people with that kind of musical background have set their eyes on them, they must be RIGHT!!
Get ready to set your shoes on fire!

Los Chicos will always be:
Rafa Sunen: Lead Vocals
Antonio Urchaga: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Gerardo Urchaga: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ral Garcia: Drums & Backing Vocals
Guille Casanova: Bass & Backing Vocals

1 We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
2 The Price
3 Equation of Love
4 Rock N’ Roll Ring
5 I Hate Silence
6 War Or Party
7 A Kingdom of Coolness
8 Beer Ain’t Drinking
9 Vision
10 Party Boogie
11 Shake Your Body
12 Wrecking Rome
13 Restless Noise
14 Muddy Muddy
15 Rockanrolla
16 I Don’t Wanna Learn Anymore
17 Sheep Attack
18 I Love Jay
19 Living Legends
20 Headphones
21 Tomorrow’s Another Day
22 Party Train
23 Nothing