LOS EXPLOSIVOS: Primeras Grabaciones LP


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Los Explosivos are in the vanguard of the new breed of young punks carrying the torch of garage-rock! Their first album came out on Alicia Records (based in their home town of Mexico City), and labels Get Hip (CD) and Slovenly Records (vinyl LP) soon jumped on board and issued it in the USA and Europe. After extensive touring in Europe (including an amazing London show jointly organised by Dirty Water and Shindig! magazine) promoting their own brand of frenetic paced garage punk mayhem, they regrouped and returned home to work on these new recordings, which polishes ever so slightly the rawness of their debut album while keeping the angst, speed and energy intact! Ten killer new tracks, comprising eight originals and two covers, they pay homage to one of the most legendary psychedelic garage bands out of Spain, Los Negativos, with their classic Moscas y Arañas (Flies and Spiders) which, in their hands, turns into a dirty rocker. The other cover, of a song originally by The Moods, features a stellar appearance by Michael Kastelic of The Cynics, the only song on this album sang in English. Kastelic says, Not many bands can follow up a blistering debut with a sophomore effort that is flawless, but these chicos have done it! This record is what garage punk is all about. Seeing them live for the first time was nothing short of a religious experience and I couldn t help joining them onstage for a little Louie Louie! Now with two albums and a myriad of 7 s under their belts (as well as their high school diplomas) they are ready for world domination. This album really captures the raw energy that pours from these boys pores! Short and sweet, yet packing a wallop that s gonna hurt tomorrow!

Tracking List:
A1 – Witron
A2 – Zapatos Dorados
A3 – Fuego
A4 – Quiza
A5 – Ya No Puedes Escapar
B1 – El Quiere
B2 – Convertible
B3 – Boys
B4 – Boss Hoss
B5 – The Crusher