LOS INFIERNO feat. WILD EVEL: Shape Series Vol.2 (Mucho Tequila) 10″ Shape



Vete Al Infierno - Los Infierno

Wild Evel & Los Infierno - I'm Gone (The Magi Mushrooms)

Garage-caveman Wild Evel – leadsinger of THE INCREDIBLE STAGGERS and WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES – went on a journey to Mexico where he decided to record some crazy songs together with the wild and primitive Garagepunk combo LOS INFIERNO (feat. the guitarist of LOS EXPLOSIVOS) and out came a smashing 12′ with four amazing cover songs of 60’s classics. Previously released as CD on BOSS HOSS RECORDS, this masterpiece called MUCHO TEQUILA is now also available on vinyl, released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS (only with a slightly different song-order than the CD version). And what makes this release even more indispensable is that it constitutes the second edition of the picture shape series with yet another great design by Mr. Wild Evel himself! Starting off with a cover by the Mexicans of ‘Vete Al Infierno’ by Peruvian 60’s band LOS YORKS, the 12′ continues with THE MAGIC MUSHROOM’s ‘I’m Gone’ which is one of the two included co-productions of the Mexican boys together with the Austrian madman. The B-side begins with THE ANIMALS’ ‘It’s My Life’, again their corporate interpretation, and the final song is a cover of THE TROGGS’ classic ‘I Can’t Control Myself’. All of these versions have a rough, trashy and intense Garage-Rock’n’Roll approach that is simply addictive!

A1 Los Infierno – Vete Al Infierno
A2 Los Infierno Featuring Wild Evel – I’m Gone
B1 Los Infierno Featuring Wild Evel – It’s My Life
B2 Los Infierno – I Can’t Control Myself