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Mexico’s wildest and most primitive garage-combo LOS INFIERNO make some noise again; this time with their LP ‘The Lost Tapes’, which makes you realise by its name already that this production is one that renders garagepunk in its untreated, natural form, as their songs disguise themselves as ‘lost tapes’. The crazy Mexicans deliver raw studio recordings as well as one live recording and thereby prove the authenticity of their sound. The LP includes coverversions of various classics such as ‘Love Potion No 9’ (‘Brebaje De Amor No 9’), ‘I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone’ (‘Tu Tonto No Soy’) or a Mexican hit by LOS CHIJUAS (‘Estan Cambiando Los Colores De La Vida’) – all of which provided with wild fuzzguitars, rough vocals and a primitive energy, as we are used to by these lads. Also their own compositions like ‘Soy El Rock And Roll’ or ‘Vas A Llorar’ are catchy and instantly cause a manic partymood; musically very close to garagepunk-colleagues like WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! or WILD EVEL & THE TRASHBONES and THE INCREDIBLE STAGGERS, these guys not only get the crowds dancing at their extensive tours but will also equip your living room with the neccessary portion of fuzzy garagepunk! A must for anyone, who likes it primitive…

Brebaje De Amor No 9
Por Que Yo
Estan Cambiando Los Colores De La Vida
Soy El Rock And Roll
Te Altrapare (Live In Italy – Sidro Club)
Tu Tonto No Soy
El Entierro De Los Gatos
Todos Estos Anos
Vas A Llorar
Si No Te Late (Conmigo No Vas A Estar)