MARCEL BONTEMPI: Der Golem 7″ (gatefold)


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Now this is something special. In collaboration with Australia based ASTROSOUNDS label, TWI-LITE presents a record with experiments in sound and rhythm. While locked away during the pandemic, Marcel worked with samples and loops and added instruments and percussion.

And out came these two songs. To be honest, we ourselves at TWI-LITE are a little bit baffled and don’t know how to label this sound. Is it Rockabilly? Rather not! Is it 60s? A little bit… Does it have a retro sound and is it danceable? Definitely!
We asked a music professor, and he says this might be “Trip Hop”… And strange as it sounds – we love it and thought this should come out. And since the tiny ASTROSOUNDS label is specialised in retro-trip-hop sounds, we joint forces and here it is!

This black vinyl with big centerhole comes in a 4-color high quality gatefold sleeve with full page Illustrations on front, back and inside.

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