MESSER CHUPS: Visting The Skeleton In The Closet LP


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European pressing Black vinyl.Β The very latest offering from Surf giants, Messer Chups !Β  13 of the coolest tracks you will hear this year.Β As per usual with a Messer Chups release, this will sell out fast and then a bunch of arseholes will put up on Discogs & EvilBay for stupid prices !

1. Pink Pantheratu
2. UFOnica
3. Intox-tika
4. Caravan from Mars
5. Nautilus
6. Boomada
7. Mad Monster Party
8. Point Conception ’63
9. Bumble Boogie
10. Zombienuelle
11. Batman Taboo
12. Carioca
13. The World We Knew (exotic version)
14. Dracula Hates Killer Icicles