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Garagepunk-newcomers MIKEY AND THE DRAGS will win you over in no time! These four young boys from Texas play some funtastic 60s Garage while they have an incredible amount of energy in their music. Their songs are straight to the point and fun, with a wild organ, melodic harmonies, crazy guitars and here and there a furious saxophone. Their musical influences are clearly of the best kind (THE SONICS, MUSIC MACHINE, QUESTION MARK AND THE MYSTERIANS… ) and that definitely shows in their powerful songs. ‘Make You Mine’ is MIKEY AND THE DRAGS’ debut album and even the first song ‘I’ve Got A Bottle’ is a real wild one with a ‘Back From The Grave’-sound that grabs you as soon as you put the needle on the record. The title song ‘Make You Mine’ is a true hit that you will sing and dance along to immediately! ‘Come Along’ with its slightly sinister and melancholic, cool organ reminds one a bit of THE MUSIC MACHINE, while ‘Hey Hey Hey’ has a smooth surf guitar and an incredible saxophone-sound. Except for a faster, punky cover of the classic ‘Farmer John’ (original by Don and Dewey) all of the nine songs are self-composed. Altogether the record has a very cool and raw sound, that needs to be played in full blast! What a smashing debut album, that you just have to listen to over and over again! We are already greedy for more from MIKEY AND THE DRAGS!!

I’ve Got A Bottle
Can’t Help Yourself
Make You Mine
Cold And Hungry
I Want It

Come Along
Farmer John
Hey Hey Hey!
Don’t Be Shy