MUDHONEY: Digital Garbage LP


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When it comes to music, the coming together of Sub Pop and Mudhoney’s first release in five years doesn’t get anymore Seattle than this. Earlier this year the legendary west coast band released the live album LiE, proving their roots are still firmly grounded in causing a racket, while the lyrical sense written into tracks on this album still brandish the band’s light sense of dark humour. At first glance, Digital Garbage comes across as a record that takes a deal of its angst out on the clergy, with tracks like “Please Mr Gunman” intoning: ‘please don’t be an inconsiderate prick, we’d rather die in church” to “21st Century Pharisees” wailing lyrics: “sanctimonious pieces of shit.” Mudhoney as always, still keeping it bitter, still keeping it sweet.

A1 – Nerve Attack
A2 – Paranoid Core
A3 – Please Mr Gunman
A4 – Kill Yourself Live
A5 – Night & Fog
A6 – 21st Century Pharisees
B1 – Hey Neanderfuck
B2 – Prosperity Gospel
B3 – Messiah’s Lament
B4 – Next Mass Extinction
B5 – Oh Yeah