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PAS UN AUTRE is an album inspired by urbanity and all its potential to be a subject of creation. It´s the bands most mature and intense album yet, exploring new territories, redefining song formats, sometimes more hypnotic and spaced out and some other times closer to a more recognizable song format but always allowing instinct to command song creation.
The album was recorded between a professional studio and a gigantic concrete room bellow an auditorium in order to achieve the desired atmosphere and mood allowing the band to experiment more with space and sound thus taking their raw and primitive approach to music into new ambiences.

Produced, mixed and mastered by MTBlues and João Miranda @ Attack-release Studios in Portalegre, Portugal

Tracking list:


Side A:

01 – One at a time
02 – In Heat
03 – Into your eyes  
04 – Stumblin’ Blues
05 – Tomas Milian

Side B:
06 – First to fall
07 – Petrol Tainted Breath
08 – Resurrect then go!
09 – Confessions of a severed hand