NEATBEATS: More Beat Side Hits LP

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[please note, promo video for CD version – not all songs on LP version]

THE NEATBEATS, Japan’s long-time number one of 60s beat without any doubt, deliver another brand new record full of ‘More Beat Side Hits’ to twist and shout to! The band has an authentic vintage mid-sixties sound, that they remain faithful to, which is fun, catchy and absolutely danceable! The album includes coverversions of 60s classics only, and while some might already be known to you from their preceding singles (such as for example ‘I’m The Lonely One’ or the RATTLES’ ‘Come On And Sing’), there are also some previously unreleased songs to be found, such as the catchy ‘Tricky Dicky’ (originally by RICHIE BARRETT) as well as the dreamy BEATLES-ballad ‘I’m In Love’, all of which feature the boys’ charming Japanese-English in Merseybeat-harmonies supported by their fine guitars and beat – truly a combination that simply noone can resist. ‘More Beat Side Hits’ by THE NEATBEATS is exactly what its title already gives away – a collection of early/mid-60s hits, interpreted in a fresh, very British, but then again very Japanese way by the often so-called ‘Japanese KAISERS’. An absolute hit-record through and through!

Teenage Letter
And I Do Just What I Want
You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
Yakety Yak
Wishin’ And Hopin’
Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do
Come On And Sing
Watch Your Step
I’m The Lonely One
I’m In Love
Tricky Dicky
This Empty Place
New Orleans
I Know
All Night Worker
The Tracks Of My Tears