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The second long-play album by underground sensation Paul Messis; following the tradition of Messis’ earlier works, Case Closed is the LP which confirms his place in the arena of moody garage punk legend. Following a slew of 45rpm singles and a critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Case Closed’ continues where Paul’s debut left off, giving the listener an exceptional slice of reality and a deep insight into the thoughts of his generation using cleverly written prose-like lyrical meanderings and existential themes. ‘Case Closed’ is an outsider album-outsiders usually pinpoint societies faults with little effort whatsoever, the same applies in regards to Messis and the album you’re reading about, meandering through the sounds of savage garage punker, gentle jangling folk-rock and melancholic ballads, giving the listener a wholesome and varied experience.
Limited edition of 500 on 180gram vinyl in front-laminated flipback sleeve.

A1 I Hate The World Around Me
A2 A Matter Of Opinion
A3 Happy This Way
A4 The Tables Have Turned
A5 Nickels And Dimes
A6 Sad How A Love Fades Away
B1 Further From Yesterday
B2 (Don’t Wanna Be) Scene Or Herd
B3 No Use In Trying
B4 Sowing Seeds
B5 It Doesn’t Matter To Me
B6 Goodbye