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Hey you little jerks! Dig into the supreme sizzle of this piping hot 12” pie from the greatest freakin band in the world, PERSONAL and the PIZZAS! You get seven out of print 7” toppings from Oops Baby, Trouble In Mind and Total Punk, wood fired at like a thousand degrees and melting over five freakin layers of new recipe crust. “Bored Outta My Brains”… you remember that shit? Kept a few of us from blowing our brains out a couple times and it’s got the taste we keep coming back for. But yo. “Joanie.” Fuck. Personal goes creep and all a sudden I gotta wash my face. When you eat out you ricotta. New on the menu: “Concentration Camp” was pulled outta the hottest oven in the game, and the record jacket dethrones “Tres Hombres” as the freshest spread ever. You should call it “Tre Uomini.” You ready to learn something you little brats? Hot hot hot!

A1. Diet Crime & Delinquency
A2. Brain Damage
A3. Bored Out Of My Brains
A4. Dead Meat
A5. Joanie
A6. I Want You
A7. (Don’t Trust No) Party Boy
B1. Rock N Roll
B2. Joey Quit The Pouch
B3. Death Threat
B4. Concentration Camp
B5. Any Day Now