Portugal Eléctrico

The book PORTUGAL ELÉCTRICO – Rock’n’roll Counter Culture 1955-1982 is the most relevant collection of documentation about an unknown history.

Book, 200 pp., 20x30cm

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For nearly a decade, music researchers Edgar Raposo and Luís Futre have been involved in extensive investigation to which the public will now have access with the release of PORTUGAL ELÉCTRICO- Counter Culture Rock in Portugal from 1955 to 1982. This is the largest discographic survey of its kind ever held in our country, and it is the result of the need to build and protect the memory of a unique and unknown musical culture.Released in December 2013, the book is an unprecedented visual anthology of the Portuguese Rock’n’Roll. It is the most comprehensive and relevant collection of documentation – most of it unpublished – looking over photographs, record covers and other documents that reveal part of the history of Portuguese music, unknown until now to the general public.With graphic design inspired in the spirit of Do It Yourself, which also reflects in large part the spirit of the research itself, conducted without any support, ELECTRIC PORTUGAL counts with the participation of texts by musical investigator João Carlos Calixto, Afonso Cortez, Luís Piedade, in addition to Paulo Furtado (Legendary Tiger Man) and Daniel Bacelar.The book, which will be a bilingual edition in Portuguese/English, through its 200 pages, traces a watershed in the history of Portuguese Rock known until then, by revealing this whole universe lost and unknown. An oasis not only for collectors and aficionados of the genre, but for the general public in Portugal and abroad where some of the national bands have more followers than in their own country.