POWERSOLO: Jambalaya . . . Xtra Spicy LP


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PowerSolo had already spent several decades on raw work when they headed to a barn on Mön Island to record their 8.5th studio album. The concept was clear: to cook up a crazy stew with all the ingredients their fans already know and love. A sort of return to the roots and the first albums from the mid-2000s like It’s Raceday… and Egg. They left a bunch of diverse songs simmering slowly and created a tasty dish that is both extra spicy, surprising, complex yet super delicious. Like a Jambalaya: quintessentially American food, but nothing conventional. We’re talking about Creole and Cajun food influenced by African and French cuisines and made with available ingredients, some high-end and others cheap and maybe even a little stale. Seafood, chicken, and smoked pork sausage combined into a vibrant, flavorful, and absolutely unique bite. Yes, the metaphor promises a lot, and the album delivers.

Just like the aforementioned LPs, or the successful album The Real Sound from 2014, Jambalaya – Xtra Spicy was recorded, mixed, and produced by Ulrik Petersen and Jesper Reginal (also known as The Great Nalna and Yebo from The Tremolo Beer Gut) at Dark Lateral of The Möön / Kondi Frost Studios. The musical team consisted of the protagonist Kim Kix and his right-hand man Anders “Peasoup” Pedersen. Former PowerSolo member JC Benz and Mike “ZACK” Sullivan alternated on drums.

Flavia Couri from The Courettes added a dash of South American spices in the duet “If I Could Fly” and all the dishes deserved a bit of French sugar. It was provided in “She’s A Trucker” by none other than Phoebe Killdeer of Nouvelle Vague and Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws. Kix previously produced and guest-starred on recordings by these ladies, and both were happy to sit at the table of this feast that is Jambalaya – Xtra Spicy.

Now, sit back and crack open a beer can and enjoy a dinner with PowerSolo. You’ll have a full belly, but you’ll want more!

1. Get Back OTG
2. King
3. Sitting Around
4. Bookstore
5. If I Could Fly (feat. Flavia Couri)
6. Daily Grind
7. She’s a Trucker
8. Potato Chips
9. Six Foot Six
10. Turkey Drunk
11. See Her
12. The Walk
13. Danish Rug