RAMONES: San Francisco City Hall 1979 LP


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Recorded live in the daytime in San Francisco’s City Hall Plaza back when ‘Frisco was actually cool. An epic live set from 1979 featuring the classic lineup running through songs from their first 4 albums. All hits no shits, this is the greatest American punk band of all-time in an epic set every serious collector needs. Classic.


Tracking list:
A1:    Rockaway Beach
A2:    Teenage Lobotomy
A3:    Blitzkrieg Bop
A4:    I Don’t Want You
A5:    Go Mental
A6:    Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
A7:    Rock’n Roll High School
A8:    I Wanna Be Sedated
A9:    I Just Want Something To Do
A10:    I’m Against It
A11:    Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
A12:    Havana Affair
A13:    Commando
A14:    I Want You Around
B1:    I’m Affected
B2:    Surfin’ Bird
B3:    Cretin Hop
B4:    Listen To My Heart
B5:    California Sun
B6:    I Dont Wanna Walk Around With You
B7:    Today Your Love Tommorrow The World
B8:    Pinhead
B9:    Do You Wanna Dance
B10:    Suzy Is A Headbanger
B11:    Let’s Dance
B12:    Judy Is A Punk
B13:    We’re A Happy Family