RUSTY PARTS: Tonight 7″


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Going way back, a group of friends from the small, but known for its peculiar characters and band generating tradition, city of Ptolemaida, sharing their love for collecting instruments from the ’60s and the psychedelic garage era, decided to form a band trying to express this passion. Taking steady and careful steps initially playing covers and after a series of memorable gigs they found themselves in the studio trying to express their own feelings and emotions, resulting in their first release. Eroticism, agony, redemption, the good and the bad, words and sounds all mixed up in an ongoing internal search. Currently recording new material, working on their first LP, trying to find themselves through the sounds that have defined them all these years. “Rusty like the parts of our instruments and bodies, alive like our music and souls.”

1. Millie
2. Never Walk Alone
1. Tonight