THE SHANGRI-LAS: Remember (Walking In The Sand) LP


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20 track comp of 45 and LP cuts

Tracking list:
A1 Leader Of The Pack (Alt., Stereo Edit) (2:46)
A2 Love You More Than Yesterday (2:37)
A3 Hate To Say I Told You So (1:32)
A4 Never Again (2:21)
A5 You Cheated, You Lied (2:19)
A6 He Cried (3:03)
A7 I’m Blue (3:24)
A8 Take The Time (2:47)
A9 I’ll Never Learn (2:39)
A10 Footsteps On The Roof (2:20)
B1 Give Him A Great Big Kiss (Alt., Stereo) (2:10)
B2 What’s A Girl Supposed To Do (3:01)
B3 Wishing Well (2:02)
B4 The Boy (2:39)
B5 Past, Present And Future (2:40)
B6 Paradise (3:10)
B7 The Sweet Sounds Of Summer (3:03)
B8 Heaven Only Knows (2:07)
B9 Dressed In Black (2:53)
B10 Remember (Walking In The Sand) (Alt., Stereo Edit) (2:28)

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