SMART PATROL: Overaged Underachievers LP


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Here comes the debut-album by thee best power-pop band that ever saw the light of day here in Krautsville !!!
The band may be pretty new, but the names do ring a bell:
Michi Mueller (ex MERRICKS), Christoph Strohmeyer (ROYAL FLARES), Carsten Knappe (ex CHOCOLATE FACTORY) and Harry Vogel (ex HEARTBEATS) have been active for a long time in ardently loved bands of the international sixties-scene, and their much sought-after records have achieved legendary status over the years.
But Smart Patrol are far from being just another sixties-influenced band!
The four guys from Munich joined forces to fuse classic songwriting of the sixties with the sound, power and attitude characteristic of the music revolution of 1976-1978 and this resulted in 12 one-of-a kind powerpop gems wrapped in a tailor-made suit of hooks and melodies on their new LP “Overage Underachievers”.
But don’t mistake them to be retro: the four guys all started out in punk-influenced bands, so in the end they’ve only gone back to their roots, or as they sing in their tribute to Munich’s Atomic Cafe: “It’s time to get back to basics”
So what you get here is an album packed with perfect shots of power poppin’ 70’s mod-punk that would be all over the radio in an ideal world.
If you dig the CHORDS, the INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, the POINTED STICKS, the PLIMSOULS, the YUM YUMS and KURT BAKER, you certainly can’t do without SMART PATROL!!

Side I:
1. Suburb Sunday
2. Won’t go back to work
3. Lies
4. Don’t you wanna break my heart
5. Far away
6. Would you like to be a popstar
Side II:
1. Wrap up the rockets
2. Tear this world in two
3. World of the lonely people
4. Atomic
5. Ugly
6. Miss Shattered Dreams 2017