THE SMOGGERS: Dark Reaction LP


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‘Dark Reaction’ is the wild Spaniards THE SMOGGERS fifth album and their second LP on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. While the band didn’t lose a bit of their great energy and elaborate songwriting, this record, just like its title already gives away, sounds a little bit darker than its predecessor. The record already starts off with the instant hit ‘Eres Asi’, which is baed on THE MIRACLE WORKERS-song ‘Waiting’ – a fuzzy Garagepunk-dancer, that makes it impossible to sit still while listening. An outstanding tune is the kick-ass-song ‘Tu Maldad’, which comes forward with a wild Spanish temper. The B-side in contrast to the Spanish A-side has all English lyrics and starts off with the catchy ‘Dark Reaction’ and together with ‘Who’s Jenny’ reminds one a little of THE FUZZTONES with its sinister organ and dark Garage-sound with a heavy fuzz-guitar. With ‘You Can’t Come Down’ the band included a fantastic cover-version of THE CRIMSON SHADOWS’ song while adding an extra-portion of SMOGGERS-touch. With ‘Dark Reaction’ THE SMOGGERS prove once again, that even after five albums they don’t lose their energy and stay wild while they keep refining their sound.

Eres Asi
Razones Para Odiar (La Inmortalidad)
No Volveras
Porque Te Quiero
Tu Maldad
Dark Reaction
Fuzz Me In The Cave
You Can’t Come Down
Who’s Jenny
The Devil On Me