SOLUTION: Communicate! LP


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Finally reissued on vinyl, this is THE SOLUTION’s 1st album from 2004. This is the First collaboration between Detroit rock legend Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonics Rendezvous Band) and Nicke Royale (The Hellacopters). This album has been long out of print and has reached insane prices in the 2nd hand market. Now it is finally repressed from the original masters and artwork.

01. The Solution – Get on Back
02. The Solution – I Have to Quit You
03. The Solution – My Mojo Aint Workin’
04. The Solution – Would You Change Your Mind
05. The Solution – Top of the Stairs
06. The Solution – Widow Wemberley
07. The Solution – Phoenix
08. The Solution – She Messed Up My Mind
09. The Solution – Must Be Love Coming Down
10. The Solution – Words
11. The Solution – End of the Day
12. The Solution – Soulmover