SPACEMEN 3: The Perfect Presciption LP


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Spacemen 3’s second album is a remarkable departure from the band’s 1986 debut, Sound Of Confusion. Reduced to a trio (guitarists/keyboardists Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember, Jason “Spaceman” Pierce, and bassist Pete Bassman) following the departure of the first album’s drummer, Spacemen 3 makes an asset out of the newfound lack of percussion, giving The Perfect Prescription a considerably less rock-oriented sound with much more open space in its varied, subtle arrangements.

Side A:
1. Take Me To The Other Side
2. Walkin’ With Jesus
3. Ode To Street Hassle
4. Ecstasy Symphony

Side B:
1. Feel So Good
2. Things’ll Never Be The Same
3. Come Down Easy
4. Call The Doctor