THE STENTS: Invisible Sounds LP


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These are NOW times in an ACTION era, where MAYHEM births a rhythm of INVISIBLE SOUNDS. These hormone filled and thrilled sonic vibrations fuel a frenetic energy that sends even the hardened somnambulist into orgasmic EXALTATION!
Harnessing this atomic aural ardor is a quartet of modern day Nephilim, hailing from the City Of Firsts, christened as THE STENTS.
Attune to their clever chordal combinations and become Mesmerized! Experience the madness for Madeleine! Allow THE STENTS to become instrumental in your life by partaking of the Crawler! Suffer the pains of This Little Heart and explore the joy of their Scattershot!
Then you must pause, but your respite is brief, because being left adrift in the eye of THE STENTS’ hurricane of sound has left you devoid of the heightened sensory overload you now crave!
Unleash your inner hounds to go Bird Doggin! Relinquish control by Giving Up The Day! Surrender to the incantation of Sorry I’m Not Sorry! Improve your linguistic skills by mastering El Salto Dos! And finally, Dear Reader, reach the summit of your self-actualizing pyramid, by realizing that THE STENTS are Lucky To Have You, as their newest FAN!!!
This is the trek I chose. This is the journey I make still. Join with me. fellow pilgrim, in this EUPHONIOUS adventure as THE STENTS lay bare their INVISIBLE SOUNDS!!!
The Mighty Manfred

A1 Mesmerized
A2 Madeleine
A3 Crawler
A4 This little heart
A5 Scattershot
B1 Bird-Doggin’
B2 Giving up the day
B3 Sorry I’m not sorry
B4 El salto dos
B5 Lucky to have you