STOOGES: My Girl Hates My Heroin LP (splatter vinyl)


Red and black splatter LP

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My Girl Hates My Heroin

CHAPUTA! - Garage Punk Powered

CHAPUTA! - Garage Punk Powered

The essence itself of punk rock through Ron Asheton’s guitars and the voice of a young but already sanely crazy : Iggy Pop. From the amazing title cut opener « My Girl Hates My Heroin » to the « Raw Power » or « Open Up and Bleed », this LP is an invitation into Stooges’ musical stage universe.

Tracking List:
A1. My Girl Hates My Heroin
A2. Cock In My Pocket
A3. Head On
A4. Death Trip
B1. Her Baby
B2. Search & Destroy
B3. Raw Power
B4. Gimme Danger
B5. Open Up And Bleed