THE CHAINS: I Cried 7″


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By now, you probably know that Swamp Rats screamer Bob Hocko recorded with the Fantastic Dee-Jays before the Rats wreaked havoc. But even before his talents were revealed in those two combos, Hocko was leading another McKeesport trio entitled the Chains. Formed in the early ’60s, the band initially played covers of standards like “Little Star” and “Under The Boardwalk” before graduating to Rolling Stones and Kinks covers with the onset of the British Invasion in 1964. They also did their own stuff, and two previously unreleased Hocko originals are presented here for the first time: “I Cried” is a fine teen garage beat mover, while “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” equals the best of the Dee-Jays’ Mersey ballads. Both are unreleased originals!