THE COURETTES: Back In Mono LP (blue vinyl)


Blue vinyl

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The Courettes R.I.N.G.O.

Brand new studio album from your favourite Brazilian/Danish garage rock duo! The Courettes are back_ “Back In Mono”! The Courettes proudly present their third album, Back In Mono. It’s a milestone in their career so far. You can look forward to some “spit ‘n’snarl garage rumble-meets-Phil Spector pop” showcasing the band in top form – great songwriting skills, Spector-esque arrangements, with broader nuances, influences and production qualities added to their garage rock recipe. Fourteen Wagnerian teen-trash-tragedy masterpieces – it’s as if The Ronettes and The Ramones were invited to a wild party in Gold Star Studios’ echo chamber. Fuzz guitars, loud drums, trashy pianos, jingle bells, tambourines and three-minute dance floor garage killers where a Wall of Sound blasts the songs out of the speakers! Produced and recorded by Soren Christensen at Starr Sound Recording Studios in Denmark and mixed by top producer/wall of sound aficionado Seiki Sato in Japan!

A1 Want You! Like A Cigarette
A2 I Can Hardly Wait
A3 Hey Boy
A4 Night Time (The Boy Of Mine)
A5 R.I.N.G.O
A6 Until You’re Mine
A7 Trash Can Honey
B1 Hop the Twig
B2 Misfits & Freaks
B3 My One and Only Baby
B4 Too Late to Say I’m Sorry
B5 Edge of My Nerves
B6 Won’t Let You Go
B7 Cry Cry Cry