THE COURETTES: Misfits & Freaks 7″


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The Courettes - "Misfits & Freaks"

The A-side Misfits and Freaks is a standout track from the The Courettes’ third album, Back In Mono. It comes backed with an exclusive new song ‘Killer Eyes’.

“We wrote ‘Misfits and Freaks’ after a bittersweet concert in France in 2020, on our last tour in the pre-pandemic world. We played on the very evening France went in its first lockdown – our show at 9 pm, lockdown at midnight. Back then, nobody actually knew what was a lockdown, what was a pandemic and what the hell we were getting into, so people that day really partied as if there was no tomorrow. The audience and us, we were really having a party at the end of the world! That’s how we felt that day: at the end of the world as we once knew it. And I guess we were right on that.

It’s also an ode to all the misfits and freaks, a call to our punk rock community. We were worried about the possible consequences of the pandemics, with venues being closed and the economic choking of independent and experimental artists. The fear of a boring new world without places to breathe and drift away from the established mainstream cultural diet, a boring new world without the community feeling that only a rock show can create. A call against the normalisation of Netflix and isolation, a hope that us misfits and freaks would survive. And now, two years later, we can say that we did. Cheer up!”

A – Misfits and Freaks
B – Killer Eyes