THE CRAMPS: Voodoo Rythm LP


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Recent USA re-pressing of a once very saught after and rare LP. One of the better Unofficial releases.

This album is pretty great for many reasons, not least the demos of Most Exhalted Potentate & Call Of The Wighat (Listed as ‘Wighead’ on this album) which would shortly after appear on ‘Smell Of Female’.

You also get great versions of 5 Years Ahead Of My Time’, Sinners, Lowdown & more .The first 4 tracks are studio demos, 5 through to 8 are rehearsals and the last 4 are great quality live tracks with the unlisted version of Weekend On Mars is to die for with Lux’s echo drenched spoken delivery over a pounding drum beat that just goes on and on and on… Worth every cent.

A1 Most Exalted Potentate Of Love
A2 5 Years Ahead Of My Time
A3 Sinners
A4 Call Of The Wighat
A5 Call Of The Wighat
A6 Call Of The Wighat
B1 Weekend On Mars
B2 Mad Daddy
B3 The Natives Are Restless
B4 5 Years Ahead Of My Time
B5 The Lowdown
B6 Zombie Dance
B7 Mystery Plane