THE DAHLMANNS: All Dahled Up! + Extras (13 tracks) 2LP


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A reissue of ‘All Dahled’ up plus 15 tracks on this great double album. It includes all the hits, ‘Candy Pants,’ ‘Forever My Baby,’ ‘Dancing With Joey Ramone’ and more. When ‘All Dahled Up’ was released back in 2011 it was one of the best power pop albums of that year. Now today 12 years after it still just as great! This album comes in a super nice gatefold sleeve.

1. Candypants
2. Lonely Boys Brigade
3. Shake Me Up Tonight
4. Going Down
5. Love The Haters
6. This Time
7. Bright City Lights
8. Dancing With Joey Ramone
9. Get Up, Get Down
10. Teenage City
11. I Want You Around
12. Smash You
13. Connie Converse
14. Play It On Repeat
15. Party Girl
16. Go Getter
17. Teenage News
18. Dumb Me Down
19. Pop Goes The World
20. Do You Want Crying
21. Ring Ring
22. Forever My Baby
23. The Last Time
24. Already Gone
25. Tear Me Apart