THE DECIBELS : Big Hits (Plus Twelve More) LP


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Just when you’ve gotten used to the idea that you’ll have to go through the world with only two LPs in your vinyl collection from buzz-pop combo faves, The Decibels!, they emerge from the ether 17 years later to warp time and lay not only one, but two full length slabs on the world in 2018!

The first long player to be released is BIG HITS! (plus twelve more!) which finds them channeling their own brand of guitar pop (elements of The Beat, The Romantics, The Plimsouls, the mod-era Who with a pinch of the Jam, but squeezed through their own filter that gives them their own sound) with 13 tracks cultivated from the occasional cover tunes they’d pepper their blistering live set with throughout their history.

Armed with impeccable taste, on BIG HITS! (plus twelve more!) they power through tunes from The Saints, The Nerves, Status Quo, The Long Ryders, The Flamin’ Groovies, The Creation, 20/20, obscure 80’s bands The Wombats and The New Breed, and they throw tunes by Goffin/King, Lennon/McCartney, and Pete Townshend in the mix for good measure, and then wrap it up with a New Kids on the Block (!) tune! What makes this record unique is that The Decibels! understand the elements in each tune that make it great and manage to retain those qualities, while infusing it with their own sound and making it truly their own. You aren’t buying a covers record that tries to sound like the originals, or one that totally ignores the originals, but you’re buying a covers record that distills the essence while infusing the urgency, crackling energy, and unabashed joy that is the sound of The Decibels!

But wait! There’s more!

Included on the LP is a secret code that allows you special access to extended digital liner notes, the occasional giveaway, and access to the lads themselves. This secret club can only be accessed via the LP and won’t be found on any search engine results anywhere.

These are some crazy times we live in, but with BIG HITS! (plus twelve more!), for 36 minutes The Decibels! make you feel like all is right with the world.

Side I:
1. Big Hits
2. Bye Bye Baby
3. Paper Dolls
4. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
5. Shake Some Action
6. Ship Went Down
Side 2:
1. Sometime in the Morning
2. Still Get By
3. There’s A Place
4. Try And Stop Me
5. Yellow Pills
6. The Kids Are Alright
7. Cover Girl