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There is something that shines more boldly in the career of The Dirty Coal Train than its urgent and brutal music. The submission and hard love they have for their work!! and the constant search for new musical environments. Their music is just the reflection of an uglier world where mainstream society avoids showing their true face. This is a real fight, a fight from the outside. Professional outsiders and lovers of Rock’n’roll´s true cause. Fearing no fear, no violence, oppression, hatred nor ignorance. This fight is inherent and v is ible in each of their albums, and “Super Scum” is no exception. It has been so, and will always be for those who love this struggle. Always starting from scratch, to begin all over again and not renounce the privilege of playing often to hostile audiences. This urgency engraved in each of The Dirty Coal Train´s songs is vital to the unfolding of “Super Scum”´s history: a celebration of a past they love but with a primitive / modern embracing and no compromise to those more nostalgic shots. This is how great music is done: great beginnings and endings with little polishment. For The Dirty Coal Train Rock n Roll will always be a last, cheerful salvation. Here’s an album that takes risks and explores the pleasures of Rock n Roll and tells us that it is worth fighting for this type of disease, this kind of cause,… this music. Not an imposed war but a union of struggle, friends and comrades that will shape around the same flag. Besides Rev Jess Coltrane and his muse Conchita Coltrane, a rtillery is heavier and oiled in this LP with collaboration from Coimbra´s hard wing: Carlos Mendes (drums) and Pedro Calhau (Sax) along Ana Banana Coltrane and Eduardo Vinhas. A house well composed with a well-built concept, well outlined and with an excellent graphic work. An arduous but successful fight, a man and a woman with patience of a saint and as courageous as a thousand Spartans. As always, the scum wins. Rock on.
Victor Torpedo (Tedio Boys, The Parkinsons)

Side A
1 bad moon
2 black X/J’acuse
3 backbone
4 homeschool 101
5 heat spike sputtering
6 baptism
7 hemingway at 51
8 broken bones
9 saturday night

Side B
1 3019
2 jungle zombie stomp
3 motorcycle white trash
4 man in the black leather
5 space Estrôncio
6 the immolation of C.W. John
7 not missed
8 pet school