THE DRONES: Here Comes The Lies 2xLP


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The Drones - The Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands

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At last! THE DRONES first album on vinyl available out of Australia! So here it is! “Here Come The Lies” from The Drones. In order to exceed the sound pollution of Melbourne’s -- the hometown of the band -- big city noise back in the day (2003), The Drones overdrive their amps to a brutal level, strum their strings the hard way and beat the drums in a way unheard-of. This is blues from the gutter. Big city blues, although some call it noise. Sure, there’s enough overdriven chords on this album to please any noise fan. But there’s more. The sound is swaying between a chorus of dissonance and numerous tactical silences, only to emphasize the music even more. You can’t have noise if you don’t have silence (makes sense doesn’t it?). Also, the band writes lyrics that fully correspond to the music, making the package truly a whole. Helping the band doing this is the anti-production-a-go-go; thank you for the squeals and the good feedback.Rock and blues, that’s what The Drones are all about. Doing it the hard way.Deluxe gatefold double LP reissue of this already classic album, limited to 500 copies!

A1 The Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands
A2 Dekalb Blues
A3 The Downbound Train
B1 I’d Been Told
B2 New Kind Of Kick
B3 I Walked Across The Dam
C1 Motherless Children
C2 Hell And Haydevils
C3 The Scrap Iron Sky
D1 The Island
D2 Six Ways to Sunday
D3 The Country of Love

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