THE DYNA JETS (ex- The Future Primitives): She’s Magnetic 10″


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The Future Primitives are gone, they left a path of destruction and 3 Lp’s with music that blowed the brains of many around the globe. A tour in Europe that burned a lot of stage’s and made you swet and scream like a demented.Now from the ashes of that South African trio, Johnny Tex (guitar) and Warren Fisher (drums) formed this duo to continue the flame and crazyness alive, the formula almost remain the same since Future Primitives. Johnny Tex screaming guitar fueled with echo and diabolic rhythm brings a full hand of new songs influenced more by the 50’s Link Wray or the 80’s Cramps. Haunted songs and mutated rhythms by the voodoo drums of Warren Fisher makes The Dyna Jets a infernal rhythm machine that gonna turn your bones to dust. Hell yeahhhh!!!

01. Let Me Let Go
02. You Know It’s Not Easy
03. Wildcat
04. Ooee Baby
05. Tjing Tjing
06. Whistle Bait
07. She’s Magnectic