THE EARLS OF SATAN: Take Me Down To Hell LP (color vinyl)


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The long awaited debut LP from UK based The Earls Of Satan… A Diabolical mix of Surf, Moody Garage with just a hint of Rockabilly on some tracks… You get the impression that these guys have been watching a lot of Tarantino movies, in fact the album could quite easily be a score to your favourite, sleazy B-Movie !
The production on this is absolutely top notch, crystal clear and perfectly balanced, bordering on brilliant actually… Stand out track for me has be ‘Do The Burd’… If your mothers not a junky and your fathers not a flunky… Do The Burd ! Awesome but not very classy !… Go get ‘Earled’ You won’t be disappointed.
First pressing Ltd to just 300 copies.

Side A
1 – Diablo’s Theme
2 – Do The Burd
3 – The Wolfman
4 – Killer On The Road
5 – Going Out Of My Head
6 – Prisoner Of Love
Side B
1 – Right Now
2 – Voodoo Woman
3 – It’s Too Late
4 – Searching For Light
5 – Zombie Girl
6 – Kingdoms