THE EARLS OF SUAVE: The Basement Bar At The Heartbreak Hotel LP (white vinyl)


Edition of 300 copies on white vinyl.

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the Earls of Suave - Basement Bar at the Heartbreak Hotel - LP -1994

This masterpiece originally came out nearly 30 years ago ! We’ve given the sleeve a makeover, remastered the sound and added a bonus track. Featuring the cream of the UK Trash scene…Bal Stingray, Johnny ‘Tub’ Johnson (Cannibals, Vibes, Headcoats), Max Decharne (Gallon Drunk), Mark Hosking (Sting Rays, Ug & The Cavemen), Joe Whitney (Terminal Cheescake, Sting Rays) Paul Dempsey and Debbie Green (X-Men, Headcoatees, Ye Nuns etc).
When Bal left the Earls, the rest of the band continued as the Flaming Stars and enjoyed recognition on the ‘indy’ scene.
Only 300 copies on coloured vinyl (White) have been pressed, needless to say they won’t be around for long.

Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
A Cheat
(Now And Then There’s) A Fool Such As I
Ring Of Fire
Sea Of Love
She’s My Witch
Mondo Moodo (Nein Danke)
Stranger In My Own Home Town
Nothing Takes The Place Of You
Somebody Buy Me A Drink
Really Gone This Time
You Can Call (But I Won’t Answer)
Cheap Wine
Yabba Dabba Doo (So Are You)
One More Beer
Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
Nobody Knows