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The Electric Prunes - You Never Had It Better (Stockholm 67)

Recorded by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation at the Concert Hall in Stockholm in December 1967, right at the end of the Electric Prunes’ European tour, this album proves these guys were not just a studio-controlled group but seasoned psych rockers. This LP stands as one of best live psychedelic records out there.
Includes notes by Mark Tulin and James Lowe.

Psychedelic rock icons The Electric Prunes formed in Los Angeles in 1965 with a musical recipe rich in fuzz-toned guitars and oscillating sound effects. American garage bands from these years were rarely documented on live albums, making this recording a rare testimony of that era.
After a U.S. tour in the latter half of 1967, the band embarked on a European tour, their first and last tour of the continent, that would take them to the UK, France, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden, performing at high-profile venues. The band’s lineup is from their second album, “Underground”, released earlier that year: James Lowe (lead vocals), Mark Tulin (bass, organ, vocals), Ken Williams (lead guitar), Mike Gannon (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Quint (drums).
They would also hook up with Brian Jones at the Speakeasy (London), meet The Beatles mixing “Magical Mystery Tour” and visit Hendrix’s flat, share stage with Soft Machine in Amsterdam and recorded a TV show in Paris. Members of the audience would often disrupt the concerts with Vietnam war related shouts in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

1. You Never Had It Better
2. I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
3. Try Me on For Size
4. I Happen to Love You
Side B
1. I Got My Mojo Workin’
2. Long Day’s Flight (Til Tomorrow)
3. Smokestack Lightning
4. Get Me to The World on Time