THE ERRATIX: You Don’t Care 7″


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Another new band releasing excellent music on Beluga Records. this time it’s a slice of power pop ear candy hailing from Minneapolis, USA, and what a stonking introduction it is too. Mixing old school Costello with some Exploding Hearts and a whole lot more besides. It’s only two songs but if this is an indication of what’s to come then bring it on this is a wonderful debut single. Be it the A-side of ‘We Don’t Care’ and its boundless energy or the other side ‘When Will It End’ which is infectious and boundless energy poured onto a side of a 7″ record. It’s outta the same handbook as bands like The Cry but with some added keyboard swirl or The Briefs, yeah you know and, on this evidence, so do The Erratix. Lim of 400 copies, some in black & some in pink!

A-1 – You Don’t Care
B-1 – When will it end