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Shake ’em up! R&B from the vaults of King/Federal Records!

Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Steve Cropper all have cited Five Royales’ guitarist and songwriter Lowman Pauling as a major influence! Tracks like “It Hurts Inside” and “Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone” highlight his taught, stinging style with solos that served as lessons for budding guitarists everywhere. Sundazed is proud to reissue The Five Royales’ from 1959– pressed on audiophile quality vinyl by RTI and sourced from the original analog tapes.

“Suddenly in the news thanks to their recent induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the “5” Royales also recorded for King. Sundazed’s 180-gram reissue of their self-named 1959 King LP (which butchered the spelling of their “5” moniker on its cover) is a romping overview of some of the R&B vocal quintet’s then-recent singles. The gospel-drenched lead vocals of Johnny Tanner (or sometimes, his brother Eugene) presaged the rise of soul music, but it’s the blistering guitar of chief songwriter Lowman Pauling, a primary influence on Steve Cropper, that grabs most of the glory now. The gorgeous ballad When You Walked Through The Door is a highlight here, along with the relentless It’s Hard But It’s Fair, Get Something Out Of It, andWomen About To Make Me Go Crazy.”
Vintage Rock Magazine

A1 I Know It’s Hard But It’s Fair
A2 Miracle Of Love
A3 My Sugar Sugar
A4 When You Walked Through The Door
A5 School Girl
A6 Get Something Out Of It
B1 Tell Me You Care
B2 Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone
B3 It Hurts Inside
B4 Mine Forevermore
B5 One Mistake
B6 Women About To Make Me Go Crazy