THE HILLMANS: Taking The Trash Back In LP


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Oh, This is pure ROCKIN’ TRASH… Nasty, dirty, swampy and cool as fuck ! Β This is relentless from start to finish, if you think you’ve heard The Hillmans at their best, think again !
12 tracks of in your face slop, you ain’t heard anything like this in a while that’s for sure ! Truly face melting RnR and one of my favourite releases on Trash Wax so far.
The 4th album but the 1st to be released on vinyl from Brighton (UK) based The Hillmans, doing their own blend of Garage Punk and Primal Rockabilly. Limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.

A1 Swamp Devil V1
A2 I Feel Alright
A3 Change
A4 Gonna Miss Me
A5 Walking In The Woods
A6 Dog Man

B1 The DT’S
B2 Whoa Blue Baby
B3 Lazy Bones
B4 Come On Little Mama
B5 Hey Old Kiddie
B6 Swamp Devil V2