THE IMPERIAL SURFERS: Meet The Hunkie Dories 10″


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With one of the band members living in Canada and the rest in Spain, the Imperial Surfers have not had many chances to play live in recent years. That’s why their annual reunions in Madrid are eagerly awaited by their legion of fans. During the last one in October 2022, they took the opportunity to get together into their Pandoras Vox cave, under the direction of maestro Frank Wella, and they recorded five new songs, both originals and covers, with a 60’s Northwest wild sound; you know, sax, organ, guitar, bass and drums! All of them with their usual attitude, raw, festive and danceable. But, not only that, they also thought it would be a great idea to add a ‘cocktail-party touch’ to some of these songs and maestro Wella called some of his musical friends, the Hunkie Dories, to add a more orchestral instrumentation to some of these themes. Now you can listen to the incredible result from a new 10′ vinyl record released by your favorite label, Soundflat Records, and we are sure you will love it if you like the great instrumental rock and roll, twist, frat and surf music from the early 60s. Music to have fun, dance or drink a cocktail to; very splashy and upbeat, with lots of warmth and wild tunes. Thoroughly cool!!

1. Surf Rat
2. Yeah Yeah
3. Roller Girl
4. Contwistador
1. Motion
2. Yeah Yeah Cocktail Party
3. Surf Rat Cha-Cha
4. Contwistador In Tijuana