THE JACKETS: Pie In The Sky 7″


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The Jackets - Pie in the Sky (Official Video)

Chris Rosales explains the context behind the songwriting. “Misery of Man” is a song about humans’ strongest feelings and how overwhelming they can be for good or evil. Pain, fear, love, hate; these emotions can guide us into strange and sometimes perilous directions. This is Man’s misery – our misery and dealing with these emotions can seldom be simple. (Chris Rosales – 2023)

“Pie In The Sky/”Misery of Man” is The Jacket’s follow-up to their acclaimed Queen Of The Pill album and one of two confirmed 7″ releases for 2023. A cross-continental production, the band entered Shirt-Off Studio in Bern with Sebastian Zwahlen to helm the recording process and enlisting notable Detroit producer Jim Diamond to handle the mixing and mastering process. The artwork is the creation of the Bucharest-based animator Andy “Sinboy” Luke.

Since Queen of the Pill’s release, The Jackets have maintained momentum through tours across the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Mexico. No strangers to the European festival circuit as well, crowds that have witnessed the band’s aerodynamic and raucous live spectacle include Funtastic Dracula (ES), Cosmic Trip (FR), Purple Weekend (ES), Festival Beat (IT), EuroYeye (ES), and Hipsville A Go Go (UK).

A – Pie In The Sky
B – Misery Of Man