THE KNAVES: Leave Me Alone! 10″ (gold vinyl)


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As this eight song flashback attests, there’s a page of history reserved especially for the Knaves, Chicago’s original rock ‘n’ roll vice squad, if for no other reason than “Leave Me Alone,” the most outrageous, in-your-face anthem of the mid-sixties garage band boom. Unlike most garage records with their lyrical emphasis on boy-girl post-breakup teenage rage, the Knaves aimed for a more elevated target, the Establishment. And to put it mildly, they pulled no punches. They were unconventional both in lyrics and looks. They were the quintessential long haired rock ‘n’ roll punks!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


Leave Me Alone • The Girl I Threw Away • Tease Me • Away • Your Stuff • Inside Out • As Time Goes By • Leave Me Alone (instrumental)