THE LIMBOOS: Space Mambo LP (golden vinyl)


2024 reissue on golden vinyl

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On this album, their first LP, they sharpen and expand on the sound defined on their 45 RPM single debut- that mixture of R&B and Latin rhythms, aptly described as “exotic Rhythm and Blues”, continues to prevail. But the twelve songs on the LP stretch out into deeper territory- old school New Orleans second line (the single from the album, “Big Chef”) or gutbucket 50s Texas Blues (“Rockin'”) combined with Cuban rhythms (“Space Mambo”, the title track) or Brazilian Cumbia (“Brownie”). All beautifully thrown into a blender, making it the national cocktail of a place you would damn sure want to live, if that place even existed.
Talent, attitude and energy- these are the three ingredients that define The Limboos to perfection. Above all, they are elegant and adept at any language they speak. Coupled with the profound production of Mike Mariconda, “Space Mambo” is noticeably fresh in comparison with much of today’s music and a unique listening sensation.

Tracking List:
Big Chef / Nervous / Space Mambo / Early In The Morning / What I’m Saying / Tell Me Pretty Baby / Rockin’ / Brownie / Call Me A Tramp / Hoodoo / Keep Your Hands Off My Pocket / Jambalaya Walk