THE LOONS: Blue Ether 7″


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Recorded at Kamoo’s Earthling Studios in El Cajon, which is outfitted with some of the finest vintage analogue recording gear known to man, including the original eight-track machine from Sunset Sound used to record landmark records by Love, the Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, Clear Light, and Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. The A-side is a driving, psychedelic-infused number designed, like all Loons songs, to move your mind as well as your feet. The title and lyrics refer to the elusive, mystical realm where all creative inspiration resides, somewhere between the conscious and unconscious mind. Saturday’s Son, originally recorded by the Sons of Adam, has been in the Loons’ live set for years, and having reshaped it, they felt it was time tocommit it to vinyl.

A- Blue Ether
B – Saturday’s Son