THE MAHARAJAS: Just Let Him Go 7″


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The Maharajas – Just Let Him Go (Moody Monkey Records) [Full Album]

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How many nights and days did I spend listening to The Maharajas’ milestone album “H-minor”, while crying rivers of tears on Mathias Lilja’s (The Strollers) amazing voice, next to some Teenage Shutdown desperate killers? I must admit I was almost missing these dark times of complete moodiness, and the deep sadness only The Maharajas can project in their songs, until the one and only Jens Lindberg (Crimson Shadows, Stomachmouths, Maggots, etc.) recently sent me these two new original songs. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard they still can be as moody as hell! Both “Just Let Him Go” (Jens Lindberg) and “Tell Me” (Ulf Guttormsson) are real monsters. “Just Let Him Go” is a cosy one with a discreet organ, a binary rhythmic bass, an ear-worm chorus, and a wonderful what I’d call Greek-style guitar free of any shitty effects, while “Tell me” could be another A-side: it is powerful and resolute, offering a surprising short middle part and an unresolved ending though, which in my mind enhances the tragic character of this song. Despite its moodiness, I can’t help my body from moving like a bee. Both tunes are short and expurgated from any superfluous gimmick, and they go straight to the point. The Maharajas have their own sound, their own language and signature, they’re not just another neo-band stuck in the 60s; they live NOW and are modern, not MODern. Here we go with Sweden’s finest tunes by the mighty Maharajas: the new and wonderful Maharajas single “Just Let Him Go”! I am so glad to have these two songs released on Moody Monkey that I could now even cry an ocean of tears. Thus get your handkerchief ready and be prepared to be beamed back to your most tremendous pubertal days.

Just Let Him Go
Tell Me