THE MONSTERS: Birds Eat Martians LP


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Wild primitive teenage rock’n’roll mixed up with chainsaw massacre garage punk and Trash! It was the 5’th album Full fist in your face music and lyrics recorded by Kat-a-log who also recorded the ’95 album ‘Jungle Noise’ the whole drum set was Build in Metal Plates and the Guitar was Recorded in Public Garage Complex, the Recordings are Very Raw and sharp as a knife with a Ultra Mean Trash Factor

The Monsters are Beat-Man,Janosh and Di Putto a classic Trio Sound- Guitar Bass and Drums”, as you like it! There are two cover versions on this fine slab-o-wax . “Wild wild lover” by Benny Joy and “Get on the right track” by Joe Clay. Full-delay-Vox far-out-fucked-up-rockabilly-trash in the typical Monsters fashion.

Cover artwork by Dirk Bonsma.

A1 Pony Tail And A Black Cadillac
A2 Chicken Baby
A3 Get On The Right Track Baby
A4 I’m Always Wrong
A5 Wild Wild Lover
A6 I Got The Brain Up My Ass
A7 Dead End Street
A8 You Don’t Have To Do It
B1 Down The Road
B2 Black
B3 We Are Middleclass
B4 Speedracer
B5 I Wanna Be Dead
B6 Birds Eat Martians
B7 Walking Through A Cemetery