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The Mourning After - Sweet Scotchy Rose

The Mourning After - Just Walk Away

A new release from the label ‘Lost In Tyme’ is always good news to receive. If, to top it off, the release is from the band ‘The Mourning After’, then it’s ‘real’ good news indeed! They press on, in their native Sheffield, unmoved by fashions and trends, carving their own extraordinary path. One of the most honest and authentic bands in the garage scene.
From the rugged and powerful garage punk of their early years, back in ’87, they have totted up a vast selection with their sights always firmly set on the music of the sixties. They are much more than a retro or revival band. Oh yes, so much more! They are, quite simply, a band with a personality of their own. You’ll understand what I mean once you listen to these two new songs – two soothin pills for the soul, and the feet!
The impactful and efficient ‘Just Walk Away’: powerful rhythm with a groovy reminiscence and the weight of The Prisoners. Hints of R&B and rhythm changes charged with energy and determination complete this gunshot of a tune! Bravo!
On the B side you’ll find the hard melody of ‘Sweet Scotchy Rose’. Wonderful tempo. A compact and seamless delight. Like a rose: beautiful with thorns. High carat folky garage.

Yes friends! It is they, the veterans, the Sheffield crew, the real deal! And please allow me to modify a small mistake from the beginning: They are the Mourning After! The most honest band in the world! Juanito Wau

A – Just Walk Away
B – Sweet Scotchy Rose