THE NEANDERTHALS: The Modern Stone-Age Family LP (Grey vinyl)


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Pressed on vinyl for the first time, this version of Modern Stone-Age Family includes a favorite from The Neanderthals’ ritualistic live performance: the sphere-smearing “Ballbuster Baby!”


Since first bursting on the rock’n’roll scene in 1994, there has been much speculation about the origins, identity, and the possible hidden agenda of the cave beat combo, The Neanderthals. Were they actual prehistoric hominids brought to modern times through means unknown? Or were they hoaxters and grifters — sinister purveyors of paleolithic beats on a mission to corrupt innocent youth and part them from their hard-earned cash?

In 2006, after the release of their first long playing platter, Neanderthals In Space, the mystery appeared to be solved. According to the writings of a “famous scientist at a major university,” Prof. John A. Tichy, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., The Neanderthals were exactly that — three examples of Homo neanderthalensis that were found frozen in ice beyond the Arctic circle. After being thawed from their state of suspended animation, the trio of troglodytes initially appeared to be innocent, sub-moronic primitives. Sadly however, exposure to bourbon and rock’n’roll beats by the professor’s son and his teenage delinquent compatriots resulted in a startling transformation into savage musical malcontents that could not be stopped or tamed by modern man.

This version of Modern Stone-Age Family includes a favorite from their ritualistic live performances: the sphere smearing “Ballbuster Baby,” available on vinyl here for the first time! My only advice, dear reader, is to carefully examine the evidence for yourself by playing this record repeatedly and most definitely at MAXIMUM volume!

Bass – Cheese Blotto
Drums – Tom Ardolino
Guitar, Vocals – Eddie Angel
Keyboards – Terry Adams
Photography By – Heather Mull, Melanie Heeran
Producer – Terry Adams
Recorded By – Billy Shaw
Saxophone [Sax] – Luke McName
Vocals – Johnny Rabb

  • Pressed on vinyl for the first time, this twenty-first century garage rock outfit makes even more far-out raucous than their first album!
  • The very first time a live performance from the Neanderthals makes it on vinyl!
  • Cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on grey vinyl at Citizen Vinyl!


Mastodon • Shaggy Dog • I Go Ape • Tarzan • Toe Rag Twitch • Lurch • Remember The Twist • Do The Pig • Flintstone Flop • Rockin’ The Jungle • King of the Twist • Neanderthal Twist • Ballbuster Baby